Saturday, January 10, 2009

Comp Glitch

Comp is going back to the man who built it to be wiped again darn viruses !!! sorry will return when fixed

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I keep having these very vivid dream as of late... NO for those of you who know me well they are not bad :P I keep dreaming of a shop called "you CAN make THAT!! (and I can show you how)". It makes me laugh that I of all people keep dreaming of this we all know how ADD I can be. It would have EVERYTHING you would ever need for any craft but a more honed ideal. Like a book making aisle. I have to guess when it comes to finding things in the B'ham to make and bind my books. I use bright colored quilter's tread for the sewing part (man that stuff and take a pulling and keep on going). And I've used matting board for the hard covers... So what is a girl to do why she has too many thing she wants to do but can't find what it is she really needs??? You know this Thomas going to business school may not be a very bad thing at all IF I can get him to stay here ;) I might just have to open up shop and start carrying a more finely tuned idea of a crafter's needs. I would have to have classes though, I have yet to learn how to make everything.. my sewing is so-so and I can't crochet plus I want to learn more TOO!!
Some one please smack me on the forehead I promise I'll wake up :D
Oh and I keep dreaming of a bakery all brightly colored and filled with laughter and happiness. But that I will keep brewing in my head that one I might just have to REALLY do one day :) (I hope) Oh no one tell Thomas he'll have a cow if he knew that is what I wanted, he would call me domesticated or something obtuse like that.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pics and problems

Ok so I'm logging into my hotmail/live account and I keep getting this error?? I'm like I just checked this 2 mins ago and you were fine what the??? I then get a pop up from my virus blocker that my comp is under attack!!! I am not happy I have already lost one e-mail account to spammers I will NOT loose this one. I called the tech guy and he said it was fine but to have the virus scanner run everynight from now on and told me how to set it to do so. O_o

I do not like this. When did opening your own e-mail become fair game for hackers!!!!

So one to the picks first some tatting I made for a co-worker. They tie with ribbon for ease of wear and size.

And the hat for Vann :D If you got here you can see him trying it on and me giggling at him :D

And the chocolate covered pretzels I made over at my friend Sharon's house over the weekend. YUM!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I got 2 tatted necklaces finished :D I'll post the pick later as it is 6am. I am still working on Mr.C's hat and my aunt's 3 socks I have left to make. I think that is all I have left?

It's Monday and it's 6am why am I up you ask. Tom is here and he is not used to getting up this early. I envy him he wakes up about 9 or 11 for class. I need to go make coffee but I just don't feel like moving right now :P

More this evening ....

Monday, December 8, 2008

A few things to make

So I started my Christmas gifts a week before Thanksgiving..

1. 2 pairs of socks for my aunt to be able to wear her flip-flop in the winter
2. A lace scarf for my mom's boss
3. 4 hand bound books for the girls down the street
4. A sock bag and spinning apron for knit-night gift

Well I've gotten one sock done, the bag & apron, the scarf was started then frogged and i have one book made but it does not count I made it in Sept.
I have started something else also. A very good friend, okay he's family or might as well be, will be starting his chemo this week and I have told him I will make him hats. I have bought I love this cotton in brown & caron simply soft shadows in a cream brown to make the "turn a square" hat from Brooklyntweed.

Here are the pics of THE sock it's a monkey with a toe!! Also the hat yarn and the yarn for the frogged lace scarf. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Morning! and Hello!

I did it I started a blog :D
This will be quite sparse until I get the camera cable replaced (darn gnomes take everything).
More to come later today (I hope).