Saturday, December 20, 2008


I keep having these very vivid dream as of late... NO for those of you who know me well they are not bad :P I keep dreaming of a shop called "you CAN make THAT!! (and I can show you how)". It makes me laugh that I of all people keep dreaming of this we all know how ADD I can be. It would have EVERYTHING you would ever need for any craft but a more honed ideal. Like a book making aisle. I have to guess when it comes to finding things in the B'ham to make and bind my books. I use bright colored quilter's tread for the sewing part (man that stuff and take a pulling and keep on going). And I've used matting board for the hard covers... So what is a girl to do why she has too many thing she wants to do but can't find what it is she really needs??? You know this Thomas going to business school may not be a very bad thing at all IF I can get him to stay here ;) I might just have to open up shop and start carrying a more finely tuned idea of a crafter's needs. I would have to have classes though, I have yet to learn how to make everything.. my sewing is so-so and I can't crochet plus I want to learn more TOO!!
Some one please smack me on the forehead I promise I'll wake up :D
Oh and I keep dreaming of a bakery all brightly colored and filled with laughter and happiness. But that I will keep brewing in my head that one I might just have to REALLY do one day :) (I hope) Oh no one tell Thomas he'll have a cow if he knew that is what I wanted, he would call me domesticated or something obtuse like that.


Bubblesknits said...

I'll take a craft shop like that. :-) When you planning on opening up? lol

Ahtumwynd said...

When I win the Lottery or if Santa was nice and gives me the time & money now :P

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

I'll take the bakery part!!! See, now you have both parts covered!!!